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Southeast Asia Emerges as a New Playground for Baudouin: Powering Change in Shipyards

  • French engine manufacturer Moteurs Baudouin, a division of Chinese-based Weichai Power, is fast becoming the company of choice for many shipyards throughout Southeast Asia.

  • Outperforming its competitors, Baudouin's 12M26.3 engine has garnered trust and loyalty from shipyards across the region. Additionally, the establishment of strategic service points, including Diesel Power Technologies (DPT), ensures uninterrupted operations and comprehensive after-sales support.


  • Baudouin's 12M26.3 Engine: The Game Changer

  • Baudouin's 12M26.3 marine engine has emerged as a game changer, surpassing the performance of its competitors. The 12M26.3 offers exceptional fuel efficiency, reliable service, and ease of installation. Its low consumption and outstanding engine performance have positioned it as the preferred choice for shipyards in Malaysia.

  • One shining example of the shipyards’ trust in Baudouin's 12M26.3 engine is evident in the success at Orela Shipyard in Indonesia. For instance, Orela Shipyard PT in Surabaya selected two 12M26.3 marine propulsion engines producing 1320 HP @1800 RPM for their 48-meter crew boat, the Arkarega, which supports the offshore oil and gas industry. Impressed by its reliability, fuel efficiency, and competitive pricing, Orela continued to choose the Baudouin 12M26.3 line for subsequent projects, including two crew boats and ten other vessels. Baudouin's engine is solidifying a trusted relationship with the shipyard.


  • Expanding Service Points Ensure Uninterrupted Operations

  • Baudouin recognizes the importance of establishing an extensive service network to cater to the needs of clients and shipyards. In the CIBU area, Fortune Marine and Diesel Power Technologies (DPT) are prominent service points for Baudouin engines. DPT has recently introduced a new service point in Malaysia, providing engine swaps and maintenance services. With a commitment to using Baudouin engines for repairing purposes, DPT ensures seamless operations for ships requiring servicing. The Pelican fleet, managed by Penguin Shipyards, is one such beneficiary of DPT's expertise and the availability of spare parts, guaranteeing optimal performance and reduced downtime.

  • Additionally, Baudouin boasts a network of over a dozen service points in Southeast Asia including Semangat, Panja Utama, and Kaliber in Indonesia. These service points, supported by Baudouin's commitment to prompt delivery of genuine spare parts within 24 hours and unrivaled technical support, ensure that clients can rely on uninterrupted operations and efficient maintenance.


  • With its exceptional performance, reliability, and comprehensive support network, Baudouin's 12M26.3 engine has positioned Malaysia as a new playground for the company, gaining traction in the region's shipbuilding industry.

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