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On January 25, 2024, Global Laser Pte Ltd (GLOBAL LASER), marked a significant milestone with the successful launch of its cutting-edge laser products. The event, attended by around 40 esteemed guests from the maritime sector, showcased the company's innovative portable welding machines and highlighted their versatility in revolutionizing shipbuilding and repair processes.

The event was marked by an engaging speech from Capt. Lee Chee Seong a partner at GLOBAL LASER setting the stage for an afternoon filled with innovation and excitement and introduced the cutting-edge laser products that are poised to transform the marine & offshore industry.

The highlight of the afternoon was when Ms. Janette Lee, a first-time ‘welder’, fearlessly took the reins and demonstrated the simplicity and effectiveness of operating the machine. Her seamless experience highlighted how Global Laser's products democratize access to advanced welding technology, empowering individuals with varying levels of expertise to achieve professional results.

The cutting-edge machines that not only excelled in welding capabilities but also transitioned between welding, cutting, and cleaning functions.


This versatility captured the attention and admiration of all attendees, highlighting a new era of efficiency and productivity in the welding industry. Even untrained welders were astounded by the quality of welding achieved by these advanced machines, signalling a shift towards more accessible and user-friendly technology in the field.

With the ability to seamlessly switch between laser cutting and powerful cleaning functions, these machines represent a significant advancement in manufacturing technology.

Uncle Tiger, the manager from a nearby workshop specializing in generator overhauls, was among the attendees at the launch where a cutting-edge cleaning machine made its debut. His keen eye for innovation was immediately drawn to the machine's remarkable efficiency and safety features, which far surpassed conventional methods. Impressed by its speed and effectiveness in comparison to existing techniques, Uncle Tiger wasted no time in placing an order for the revolutionary cleaning machine.


Mr Willian, Operations Manager of Accelleron, a leading global maritime turbocharger workshop, presented a heavily carbon-deposited nozzle ring for testing and assessment. The 100-watt dedicated machine was tested, it was evident that the power was insufficient for thorough cleaning. In response, Global Laser had graciously agreed to deploy a 1500-watt 3-in-1 machine to Accelleron’s workshop for further Testing and Evaluation.

The successful demonstration highlights the machines' unrivalled efficacy in enhancing speed and quality, catching the eye of industry leaders such as Mr. Chandra Mohan from Marcopolo Shipyard in Batam. Mr. Mohan's immediate decision to place an order for a 3000-watt unit underscores the profound impression left by Hero Laser's cutting-edge technology. Impressed by the speed and impeccable quality of the welding results, he recognized the potential of integrating this advanced solution into their operations at Marcopolo Shipyard to drive efficiency and productivity to new heights.


Mr Mohan expressed his optimism, “The laser welding technology could mitigate the severe shortage of skilled welders in Batam yards, it’s crucial for shipbuilding.”


During the interactive session, representatives from both ABS and DNV actively participated, providing invaluable insights and guidance on WPS implementation. The commitment from Global Laser and the Yards to work closely with these reputable classification societies underscores a shared dedication to upholding safety standards, quality assurance, and technological advancements in welding practices within shipbuilding operations.


The strength tests of welding performed by Global Laser’s welding machines has been certified by testing houses in PRC. The same tests will be conducted in Singapore by SGS Singapore and to be witnessed by ABS


Established in 2023, Global Laser Pte Ltd has been appointed as the global distributor by manufacturer Shenzhen Herolaser. The event saw a gathering of industry professionals, including representatives rom Classification societies such as ABS and DNV. Noteworthy attendees also included the Director and Deputy Director of the Singapore Maritime Academy, highlighting the widespread interest in Global Laser's cutting-edge solutions.

Founder and CEO, Mr Bob Hwang, emphasized, “ HeroLaser's commitment to collaborating with the industry to enhance machine design and capabilities in line with industry requirements.” He further encouraged users. “to provide open feedback, acknowledging that off-the-shelf units may not cater perfectly to every task.”


Mr. Bob Hwang, is optimistic in the adoption and adaption of laser technology by the shipping industry.  Herolaser Shenzhen has been awarded with a research funding by the local government to research and develop underwater laser welding. This initiative will be headed by Bob.


Global Laser's commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in their groundbreaking laser products, which promise to streamline operations and elevate standards within the maritime industry. With these cutting-edge solutions, shipbuilders, repair companies, and other maritime stakeholders can now experience enhanced productivity and cost-efficiency like never before.

Capt Lee,  closing his speech, expressed gratitude to all participants and said, “I hope that the industry would embrace laser technology for a cleaner and greener workshop and shipbuilding sector.”

He added, “Global Laser is actively seeking like-minded partners to serve as their sales agents and distributors.”

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