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1. Aerosol Fire Suppression
The FirePro Aerosol system is a patented non-pyrotechnic solid potassium salt-based condensed aerosol fire suppression system. The system is tested and certified by various agencies such as the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), BV etc. Aerosol fire suppression is amongst the most efficient method in existing technology as it inhibits the flame chemical chain reaction directly. It is acceptable by the most marine Class as a fixed fire extinguishing system for special purpose rooms under the IMO regulation. Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression systems are governed by the NFPA 2010.

The Aerosol unit consists essential of an initiator, the solid aerosol forming compound (SBK) and cooling material. The solid aerosol forming compound (SBK) is stable and non-toxic. All FirePro units are hermetically sealed internally which ensures that the life-shelf of every unit is at least 15 years. There is no pressurized gases, tanks nor are piping works required. The fire suppressant agent is certified and proven safe to be used in protected spaces containing sensitive electrical/electronic equipment. Most importantly the FirePro Aerosol unit is non-pyrotechnic.

2. In the Event of a Fire The fire detection system will automatically activate the visual and audible alarm on the control panel. The FirePro aerosol units can be activated by activating the Breakglass unit in the wheelhouse or near door, outside the engine room. After the pre-set delay timing, the Aerosol will automatically discharged. Observe for any re-ignition and do not open any door or hatch until a minimum of 10 minutes after the activation of the fire suppression system. Remember to open doors or hatches only slightly and with extreme caution. Ensure you are protected from any fire and gases that may still be present, and have a portable fire extinguisher at the ready for use if required. Replace and reset the FirePro system at the earliest opportunity.

3. Advantages of the FirePro Aerosol Engine Room Fire Suppression System
The proposed FirePro Aerosol Fire Suppression System has the following benefits.
*UL listed & BV certified (Marine Application)
Fire Suppression System And many other approvals and certifications, with test reports on engine test fires.

*No synthetic chemicals and residues
Aerosol (potassium carbonate) is non-toxic and is easily removed by ventilation of the hazard area. Pressurized gaseous fire suppressant all contain Fluorine and forms toxic HF fumes within the engine compartment and driver cabin on contact with fire.
*Non-conductive and non-harmful to electronics
Tested to be non-conductive at high voltages and certified safe for use on sensitive electrical/electronic equipment.

*No space requirements for pressurized gaseous agent tanks
Savings in space which can be used by driver for other purposes.
*No hazards (explosion) or maintenance (leakage) issues associated with pressurized gaseous agent tanks
The static aerosol unit is non-pressurized and certified for 15 years lifespan. Every unit is hermetically sealed and no maintenance on the unit itself is required. Placing a pressurized container within the driver cabin is a hazard to the driver in the event of a vehicle accident or failure of the cylinder valve.
*Fast reinstatement of fire suppression capability after discharge
Aerosol units can be easily and quickly (almost immediately) replaced whereas refilling of pressurized gaseous agent tanks will take a substantial time. And during the period agent refilling, the vehicle becomes unprotected.

*No maintenance
Cost savings in maintenance and resources as all FirePro Aerosol units are sealed, and without any moving parts so only visual inspection (maintenance) of units is required.

*After discharge costs
After a discharge the aerosol units just need to be replaced. The cost of refilling pressurized gaseous agent systems are very high as the tank(s) need to be removed from the installation, sent to an off-site refilling station for refiling and then transported back to SPS site to be re-installed.

The FirePro Aerosol units have a certified lifespan of 15 years with a manufacturer’s warranty of functionality for 5 years. Typical warranty on pressurized gaseous agent systems are only 1 year, from the date of manufacture at the factory!

*Fail Safe Fire Suppression
In the event of heat detection system failure the system can be manual activated. If the fire is detected in the early stages, manual activation is possible to minimize any damage or contingencies. In the event of a fire within the engine compartment when the vessel is not running or not manned, the FirePro Aerosol units are designed to self-activate when subject to a 300°C temperature (fire) condition. This serves to prevent or mitigate the potential loss of the entire vessel.

*Banning of Chemical Agents
Many countries such as in the EU and in Australia, have already banned or restricted the use of chemical agents (so-called clean agents) such as FM200. The FirePro Aerosol system utilizes a natural mineral element that exists even in food ingredients and preparations.
*Simplicity and Flexibility

The Fire Aerosol units come in standard sizes. The number of units required for a hazard space is totally dependent on its volume. So in the event the vessel are replaced or upgraded, the FirePro aerosol units are potentially re-useable. All these have operational implications to the user. The Aerosol units can simply be dismantled along with the fire detection and control devices and re-installed in the new

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