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Northern Offshore Services announced the launch of a new vessel series. The E-class will be the largest vessel within the fleet with its 39 meters LOA. The vessel is a complete inhouse design and has been designed with focus on the environment and green energy.

The E-class is state of the art and combines high energy efficiency and fuel saving without compromising on outstanding performance and power. New developments in the propulsion plant, for example lower propeller speed and larger diameter of the propeller gives the E-class high efficiency propulsion. This results in lower fuel consumption during transit and higher bollard push during docking of up to 30 tonnes, which is one of the highest in the market today.

The E-class is also a benchmark for the future of N-O-S fleet. N-O-S has developed the green power concept “Hybrid Technology”. The vessel has batteries installed that can be recharged from shore which will contribute to greener operation of the vessel. The vessel is also prepared for charging the batteries from the wind farm, thus utilizing clean renewable energy directly from production to consumer. Thanks to a variety of engine and power combinations the vessel can optimize operations, lower the fuel consumption and reduce noise. The propulsion system has 4 modes and in ECO-mode the vessel is operated on the gen-set at low speed with support from the batteries. This mode of operation will result in large fuel savings and reduction in emissions when the CTV is in standby between docking operations. The vessel is also able to operate only on the battery mode, without any CO2 emissions.

“N-O-S believes in constant innovation and improvements and we are happy to present the new E-class to our customers and the industry. The future is green and the E-class our first step towards a fully electrified CTV fleet. We believe that electrification is a central part of the future of safe and environmentally friendly CTV: s and we will continue to improve and develop our services. We are confident that the E-class will be a great contribution to our fleet today and further strengthen our position in the CTV market.” said David Kristensson, CEO, N-O-S.

The first E-class, M/V Energizer is the first vessel within the E-series and will be delivered end 2020.

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