Over 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture high-quality 360-degree azimuth (steerable) marine propulsion, Hydromaster has recently formed a team in Singapore to support existing and new customers in the Southeast Asia region with sales and technical service support.

The ‘original’ Hydromaster outboard propulsion unit is valued the world over for its sturdy mechanical design with exceptional reliability and a typical lifespan for more than 20 years. Operating in the most challenging conditions and remote locations with no support facilities, Hydromaster units propel a wide variety of applications worldwide, such as tugs, pontoons, ferries, floating cranes, coastal crafts, barges, specialised military vessels, and many others. Its customer base includes governments, armed forces, port, dock and harbour authorities, construction and industrial companies, shipyards and vessel builders.

The originally UK company, was acquired by its present Dutch owners in 2015 and since has moved its headquarters and production facilities to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. With depth of knowledge and years of experience in steerable propulsion, the present team at Hydromaster has developed a completely new range of 360-degree azimuth thrusters in a power range up to 850 kW. They are inboard well mounted, outboard deck mounted, transom or stern mounted, and through-hull mounted. In Z and L drive design configurations with electric or hydraulic powered steering, the systems can be supplied as a full propulsion package, or stand-alone thruster to suit the vessel design. Hydromaster thrusters can be supplied complete with diesel engine, electric or hydraulic-driven system.

In addition, innovative designs have been added including compact transom mounted electric propulsors and a recently launched new thruster range for high-speed vessel speeds up to 30 knots. Hydromaster is fully prepared for the new standard in clean propulsion technology for a green environment.
The expertise within Hydromaster allows the flexibility to customise the design and manufacture units with cost-effectiveness, to meet varying operational and application requirements, conforming to rules and regulations of all major classification societies. These qualities have equipped Hydromaster to become a preferred supplier worldwide.

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